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Hi! I'm Q, or quiet, or quietuses—whatever you want to call me is fine! I'm gonna be a freshman at UMBC this fall, majoring in Animation through the Linehan scholars program. I'll also be majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. I love fantasy and sci-fi, poetry, and OCs: mine, yours, any and all!

I'm a huge introvert and very shy, but I also enjoy making friends. I don't always talk a lot or reply to people, but know that I appreciate you very much!

I'm always looking to improve in writing and art. Constructive criticism and critiques are always welcome! Thank you for visiting my dA.

OCTs/RP Groups I'm In:
:bulletblue: Andy Min- tribute, d6
:bulletblue: Steven Daramy- tribute, d6
:bulletblue: Danni Muluneh- mentor, d6
:bulletblue: Catalina Price- capitolite

:bulletblue: Andy Min- strength card (inverted)


{THGOCT} All Bets Are Off Arena Outfit by quietuses
{THGOCT} All Bets Are Off Arena Outfit

A few of the other competitors submitted their visions of the arena outfit for all bets are off, so I figured I'd give it a try : ) i hope you like this chic, tropical-inspired design : )
{THGOCT} a liar, a scammer, by quietuses
{THGOCT} a liar, a scammer,

Capitolite!Andy loves gambling on the games. He has a suspicious inability to lose a bet; some have accused him of cheating, saying that as the older brother of a Gamemaker he's got insider knowledge that puts him at an advantage. And it is a bit suspicious how quickly a lower-class Capitolite accumulates wealth from gambling alone...but Andy will swear on his life he's an honest man.

In reality, he and Otto place bets on different tributes, Lace tries to eliminate the tributes they'd betted would die, and they split the money betweeen the three of them.
Sometimes they bicker over which tributes they want to live and which ones they want to die—Andy favors the Careers, Lace loves the underdogs, and Otto favors the smartest tributes. 
Beach Boy by quietuses
Beach Boy
i was in ocean city this weekend and naturally had to doodle andy at the beach what do u mean i live vicariously through my ocs what
!! anyway here is The Boy idk why his hair is pink it was originally red bc he's on team valor in pokemon go but let's pretend it's faded to pink or smth /shrug
(Free Your OC)- Otto App by quietuses
(Free Your OC)- Otto App
app for :iconfreeyouroc:
well this group looks fun!!

Name: Otto Min
Nickname: Otto
Species: human, disappointment
Age: 20
Gender: male 
Preferred Pronouns: he/him

Special abilities/Skills: one time he cried for 25 minutes straight and walked outta the bathroom like nothing happened
oh um and he hunts and knows how to kill vampires

Likes and Dislikes:
+literature, poetry
+classical music, jazz, singing, music in general
+intellectual conversations, academia, multisyllabic words
+gourmet food
+cooking shows
+bottling up his feelings and letting them age like a fine wine
+many fine bottles of wine

-dealing with reality
-loud noises
-anyone taller than him tbh
-not having control
-when people sing out of tune
-his father (gasp! the angst)
-honestly he's not feeling the whole "existing" thing. but. he's trying to enjoy life more.

-callous and abraisive
-can be very cold-blooded and apathetic
-mood swings like a pendulum

+not afraid to speak his mind/call people out, but won't acknowledge his own flaws
+sticks to his morals
+cared for someone once
+has been diligent on occasion
+not afraid to ask for help once he accepts the fact he needs it. but he'll do it in a roundabout, conceited way- "I know you want to help me, so I'll let you."

main personality flaw: is trying to bring turtlenecks back

    SO Otto's from a retrofuturistic dieselpunk story that I haven't fully fleshed out yet, but the basics are this:
Otto lives in a city that's pretty much exclusively governed by what's basically the werewolf mafia. He lives with his dad and two half-siblings (a brother, Andy, and a sister, Lace) who are all from different mothers. Otto's own mom, Clara, left when he was one and hung herself when he was two, a fact he didn't learn until he was 17.
    Throughout his childhood, he was kind of lonely, mostly because he isolated himself from everyone. The only people he really liked were the rich children of the mob bosses that ruled the town. Rowdy, rude, and ready to fight, they took a liking to Otto. He was different from them in every way, and they found that amusing and puzzling.
    Welp, Otto got real close with his pack of pals, and eventually kind of ended up joining the werewolf mafia. Things kinda got out of control when a werewolf got into a fight with a vampire from the next town over, and—well, things ended in a feud between vampires and werewolves. (wow didnt see that one coming)
    To eliminate this threat, the city in which Otto resides started hiring vampire hunters. It was good pay, Otto liked his werewolf friends, what was there to lose? With Andy and Lace, he became a vampire hunter. Now he's living in his cool ass dieselpunk world with his cute siblings fighting vamps on the low.

-otto is literally trying to write his own epic, greek style. he got to the part where they call on the muses for inspiration. he has not gotten past that part.
-he's aroace but if byron came back from the dead and proposed to him...he'd say yes
-one time he ate nothing but cocoa puffs for a week. it was a bad week.
-he's half french, half korean american
-he'd marry spaghetti if he could. it's just. so good.
-He Types Like This.
Commission- Cinnamonbani by quietuses
Commission- Cinnamonbani
Commission for CinnamonBani, who wanted a sketch of her OC Amelia and Amelia's boyfriend, Duke (who belongs to WingedNovelist) !! Thanks so much for the commish, Cinna! Had lots of fun with this sketch~ <3
YES IT IS TRUE!!! I'm opening commissions! IM SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. This is my first time ever doing commissions, so please bear with me!! We'll start off with three open slots. \o/

1) @CinnamonBani- Complete

Contact Info
:bulletblue: Please note me over deviantart, send me an ask on tumblr at,  or send me an email to quietdraws // (without the slashes—those are there to prevent spambot pickup!) In your note/email, provide as detailed a description as possible of what you'd like, as well as any references you have. You must have at least one reference—I need to know what I'm drawing in order to draw it to my best ability! I will then do a rough sketch and send you what I've got so far. If you like it, I'll keep going; if not, critique it, I'll correct it, and we'll keep going from there. :D

:bulletblue: I will send you an email to confirm your order. The email will also include my paypal email, which you use to send me money, and the price of the order.
:bulletblue: I only accept payments via Paypal, in USD
:bulletblue: Please pay the full price upfront. If for any reason I cannot complete your commission, I will return the money to you and upload the WIP. However, I request being paid in full before I begin the commission because I don't want to get scammed! ;P
:bulletblue: If you're confused about how to send money on PayPal, this tutorial and this tutorial are both very helpful!

I Won't Draw...
:bulletred: NSFW
:bulletred: furries
:bulletred: animals
:bulletred: mecha

Other Notes
:bulletblue: Commissions may take some time, so please have patience! However, if you feel a long time has passed with nothing to show for it, feel free to send me a polite reminder.
:bulletblue: I reserve the right to refuse to draw something for you if I am not comfortable with the subject material! Generally, if you avoid the above listed things, you'll be good to go. :)
:bulletblue: Everything will be done digitally unless traditional is requested!

Sketches ($5)
    Right now the only sketches I'm doing are headshots, max two characters, no background. Add $1 for two characters.
Kylo Ren by quietuses  u done fucked up aaaaaaa-ron by quietuses

Colored, Shaded Pieces ($10-25)
    Character Headshots and Busts- simple/no background: $10
arms! who needs em? by quietusesmin green crying machine by quietuses
        Add another character for $2.

     Character Full body: $15
{THGOCT} Tiger Boy by quietusesArt Trade- Will by quietusesBirb by quietuses
        Add another character for $5. Add a background for $5.

Digital Paintings
    Character Busts with no background: $20
ya by quietuses  mess couture by quietuses  speed paint by quietuses

    Character Busts with simple background: $25
ehhhh prolly a wip by quietuses   Classhole by quietuses
            Add a more complex background for $10

        Character Waist-up with simple background: $35
                    jimminy crickets by quietuses

    Character Fullbody with Simple Background: $40
idk bro by quietuses golly gee i love modern aus by quietuses {THGOCT} Sun's Out Guns Out by quietuses

When I'm Done...
When the commission is finished, I will upload it onto my deviantart gallery and tag your username in it.

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